Only My Honesty Matters

Locations: Morocco; Marrakech, Casablanca, Essaouira

Dates: Mar - Apr 2023

Synopsis: This series is the final part of a trilogy about my move from the mediocrity of middle management to a more artistic existence where photography comes first. Because somewhere along the line, hard work got equated with honesty. But in my quest for survival and financial gain, I had forgotten to be honest with myself, and the good life was escaping me.

Set in Morocco during and on either side of Ramadan, the sequence starts with an image I have come to think of as a self-portrait. An older gentleman stands in a smoky alleyway carrying a Rolleiflex. Flanked by a local complaining about my photograph, his half-smile and friendly demeanour stare back at me in wistful anticipation of my future self.

Equipment: Fujifilm X100F

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